Nicki Minaj Assault

Nicki Minaj and Husband may pay $500k Over Assault Lawsuit

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Over $500,000 could be owed to Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty for their failure to reply to an assault complaint.

Documents acquired by TMZ on Friday, March 22, indicate that they have a $503,318.02 default judgment made against them in L.A. County Superior Court.

The matter concerns Thomas Weidenmuller, a security guard who initially filed a $753,000 lawsuit against the pair in 2022, alleging that an attack occurred during a Nicki World Tour performance in Frankfurt, Germany, back in 2019.

Weidenmuller claims that during the Pink Friday rapper’s performance, a fan broke through the security barrier and entered the stage, resulting in the alleged altercation. Less than 15 seconds later, Minaj’s personal security team was able to escort the fan offstage, but not before she and Petty allegedly confronted Weidenmuller and his staff on the incident.

Then, according to reports, Nicki Minaj started berating a female security guard on Weidenmuller’s squad live on social media after calling her a “fucking bitch.” At that point, Weidenmuller intervened and helped the female security guard leave the scene. He says that after confronting Minaj in her dressing room, Petty allegedly struck him in the face while Minaj started swearing.

According to the site, Weidenmuller also claimed that Nicki Minaj gave Petty the order to attack him, which is why the lawsuit was filed for “battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligence.”

Weidenmuller filed a request in April of last year asking the court to issue a default judgment in his favor as the Pettys had not yet answered to the lawsuit.

That motion was granted a little over a year later, despite the fact that neither Petty nor Minaj seem to be making any progress.