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Fans Drags Chris Brown Over ‘Pornstar” Dating Claims.

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This week, Chris Brown came under fire from fans who brought up his alleged domestic abuse incident while dating Rihanna in response to an apparently innocent meme he tweeted.

On Thursday, March 21, the musician posted a meme on his Instagram Story with the caption, “Dating me is fun.” You get a mental patient, a comedian, and a porn star in one package.

But when The Neighborhood Talk posted his message, the comments went completely crazy.

One individual said, “Might even get an asz whooping,” while another said, “He forgot boxer.” Another person said, “He forgot to bring a punch and some coke.”

Still, not every response was disparaging. Some made fun of how much of a “Taurus thing” it was to relate to the meme’s sentiments, while others made notes along the lines of “where do I sign up” and “I love you, Christopher Maurice Brown.”

Chris Brown is still impacted by his 2009 encounter with Rihanna in ways that go beyond social media, even though it happened many years ago and she has subsequently forgiven him. He asserted in February that the NBA had withdrawn his invitation from the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game due to opposition from the game’s sponsors.

The musician described how he was left out of the celebration on his Instagram Stories. “This year, the NBA requested me to participate in the All-Star Game! only for them to phone later and claim that their sponsors, like RUFFLES, prevented them from completing it,” the author stated. “At this moment, I’m tired of being bothered by people and living in the fucking past. I uploaded the emails for everyone to view. I was still being courtside courted by the NBA.NOT FUCKING TAKEN PLACE.