Conway The Machine & Joey Bada$$ ‘Vertino’

New Music: Conway The Machine & Joey Bada$$ ‘Vertino’ — Listen

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If you haven’t seen the cool relationship with Conway The Machine and Joey Bada$$ the their new music ‘Vertino’ has gone a long way to show that. Is a good one to listen since the two artist understands good they will go when it come to a link up. On this one called Vertino, you not only going to listen to the song but there is a video for Conway The Machine & Joey Bada$$ ‘Vertino’ below.

But what is this song rooting for? Nothing but Conway The Machine new project which will soon get released at when do. Also not that Conway has previously released two songs ahead of his Won’t He Do It: Side B. The songs are “Give & Give” and” the “Mutty” yet again a new one Vertino featuring Joey.

“I was so comfy in the hood, I can trap with my kicks off / Now I’m in that ‘Bach, brown interior, call it Biscoff,” he raps. “Bitch, I’m the big dog / Draw the plays like I’m Coach Kerr holding the clipboard / I take time out, I got warriors on my bench, Chris Paul” as Conway bars up.

Meanwhile, Badmon follows his lead a hot verse. “Falling off ain’t too realistic, niggas telling tales / Could sell you news stories but this crack still sells,” he raps. “Rule number one, never ghost the clientele / Fiends linin’ at my door, they need that shit now / Ten Crack Commandments, yo, I knows it too well / This the same dope I’m dishing out, just on a different scale.”