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NBA YoungBoy Escaped Drive By Shooting and Safe Life

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NBA YoungBoy Escaped Drive By Shooting and Safe Life

Sorry drive-by-shooting isn’t one of Hip-Hop culture but since 90’s it has became threat where foes use it as advantage simply to eliminate or for extensive execution. New hip-hop rapper have lost life whereas many have been killed through same killing Kill-box.

Offset escaped drive by shoot lately year when he was in studio recording before flying bullet penetrated from the window but didn’t succeed in Killing the Migos resident rapper.

Having heard about artists are slaughtered especially our hip-hop talents, NBA YoungBoy is another fixture put in place by his enemies. The Bad Bad rapper and DJ Akademiks took Instagram to share testimony of the Still Flexin artist who found another life.

The Louisiana rapper jumped on Instagram, where he informed his fans that he had managed to avoid a life-or-death scenario. “I could have died from a drive-by yesterday,” he said in the mostly incoherent clip that was shared by DJ Akademiks. 

No more details were disclosed. Place, time of course share reason but the rapper is celebrating for not being killed via metal. Tekashi could have slew of adversary on his top but another artist who’s fighting relentlessly is NBA who also managed to stay distance from recent Yaya Mayweather stabbing case.

XXLMag told Amahiphop in a report that surfaced in 2019 about NBA involved in fatal drive by shooting. “An incident happened in Sunny Isles. We are working with investigators to see if they are related. Neither indicates a hate crime or terrorist event,” Aventura police said.

Meanwhile it’s not the first time but the rapper just escaped and safe his life.

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