NBA YoungBoy Baby Mama $50K Birkin Bag Set on Fire By the Rapper

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NBA YoungBoy sets fire to baby mama’s $50K bag intentionally, video shared online sparks controversy”

In a controversial incident, rapper NBA YoungBoy allegedly set fire to a luxury bag belonging to one of his baby mamas. The bag, valued at approximately $50,000, was intentionally burned by the rapper, as depicted in a video he shared online.

The video, although cut short, caused a stir among fans and the public alike. While the true owner of the bag remains undisclosed, it is speculated that it belongs to Yaya Mayweather, who shares a child with NBA YoungBoy named Kentrell Gaulden Jr. This recent act by the rapper brings to mind his past issues with Yaya.

NBA YoungBoy is known to have eight children from different relationships, including one with Yaya Mayweather, who is the daughter of famous boxer Floyd Mayweather. However, it should be noted that there is no verified information regarding the bag’s ownership, and fans’ speculations should be taken with caution.

Coincidentally, Yaya Mayweather celebrated her birthday recently, accompanied by her son Kentrell Gaulden Jr. The mother-son duo was spotted wearing t-shirts featuring Yaya’s mugshot from a previous incident where she stabbed another one of NBA YoungBoy’s baby mothers years ago.

The incident and the ensuing discussions have sparked debate and divided opinions among fans and followers.