Kodak Black and Reginae Carter Beef

Kodak Black and Reginae Carter Beef; My Father Bother Nobody

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Kodak Black and Lil Wayne have had this rough moment which even go a long way in dragging both Lil Wayne family out.

In 2019, Kodak Black went on beef spray against but the whole issue turned to be Koadak Black and reginae carter beef.

Kodak Black in March 2019, made appearance at Club LIV. The Florida “ZeZe” rapper called out Lil Wayne in the club before appearing to refer to Weezy as a “maggot” and saying the “Lollipop” rapper should’ve “died when [he] was a baby”.

Lil Wayne is one of these rappers who don’t prefer going on beef with fellow rapper, especially social media beef. While Kodak Black might have said whatever he want against Lil Wayne, Young Money rapper didn’t attend to him rather his daughter.

Lil Wayne and Kodak Black beef turned to become Kodak Black and Reginae Carter Beef, as Reginae Carter Beef came in defense of his father. According to Reginae Carter, “My Father Don’t Bother Nobody.”

She went on to blast Kodak Black and other rappers who keep on calling out her father for useful reasons. She posted a photo of Lil Wayne carrying her when she was a little baby.

Lil Wayne carrying her daughter

“Don’t tell me to stay out of it because that’s my father and you mfs don’t give him his credit and it’s a shame . This ni**a whole album sound like my daddy old sh*t.”

Kodak Black and Reginae Carter Beef also continued after Kodak responded to her. He blamed her for interfering and defending for her father.

“Me and dude had a whole song together then his bald-headed daughter, like — I fuck with the whole set-up n’ shit but don’t be coming at me, bruh, ’cause when you come at me, I’m gonna come back,” he said on Instagram Live about Reginae Carter’s response.

“Nobody said nothin’ to that little girl, bruh. First of all, nobody said nothin’ to your daddy so don’t be comin’ at me like that. I ain’t no shorty, I ain’t no peon,” Kodak Black added.

The beef was also transferred to Reginae Carter’s mom, Toya Wright who left more salty blast on Kodak Black for called her husband a maggot.

 “Boy, Fuck You.” In response to Wright’s comment to her daughter, Reginae, Kodak Black responded to Toya Wright with “@ToyaWright if I Ain’t Have No Girlfriend I’d Fuck the Shit out yo fine ass.”


As of recent, Kodak Black was angry after a podcast claimed it was allegedly Lil Wayne who Latto wouldn’t respond to.

Latto said there is a male feature on her album & he gave her a hard time clearing the track because she wouldn’t sleep with him, one fan tweeted.

Latti was referring to a collaboration of a male rapper who wants to assist her clear a on the 777 track “Bussdown,” but will first sleep with him.

Kodak had moved on in tackling Lil Wayne fans for claiming Latto was referring to which he shutdown by saying:

That Mulatto Girl IS NOT Talkin Bout Me Homie  I See Y’all Steady Reachin Lol … Shawty Ain’t Even Say A Nigga Name On Dat Shit Ion Know Why Tf Y’all Tryna Make A Nigga Wear Dat Jacket I’m Too Fly Fa Dat Shit Homie