Nas Working On New Album Features Big Sean and More ?
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Nas New Album Features Big Sean and More ?

The lost Tapes 2 last year actually made headlines but Nas later led his advocate about another installment probably coming in future. If Nas consider delivering new project then is obvious that 2020 is simply catalog of mega albums after Eminem, Lil Wayne, Mac Miller and yet Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Drake, Big Sean and more working on new album slated to hit stream.

New 2020 album from Nas coming to light ? However, the Queen’s rapper isn’t such obsolete and of course he made appearance on Lil Nas X new song video which you can watch on Amahiphop February hip-hop video. Nas and Big Sean have been close, just lately the appeal behind the gathering was earlier noted to us following new studio record from Nas hitting up sooner this year.

Before Big S could shared his come together with Nas, our source disclosed little snippet revealing both rapper powers are working on new album, Nas 2020 album of course. “Puts Nas on blast” and reveals that the Queens rapper is about to drop a new album. ‘Aye, you finna drop?” Sean asks Nas to which he replies, “somethin’ like that,” BS said.


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