Dr. Dre Is Embodying with Kanye West and Xzibit In Studio

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Dr. Dre Is Embodying with Kanye West and Xzibit In Studio

Dr Dre isn’t on working solo project but just expect his corporation with Kanye West and Xzibit. Ye and Dre last year took audience by surprise, adding grain of salt on social media, on Twitter were they shared Jesus Is King 2 coming to streaming platforms.

Kanye West did his best to convince the glob about his spiritual transformation. He delivered two albums last year Jesus Is King and Jesus Is Born album. Yet more catalog of albums has been slated under his coverage with Dr Dre who already confirmed he’s assisting Kim Husband on new album.

Without more slice and dice, Dr. Dre hopefully working on new album with Kanye West. Just few hour long Amahiphop confirmed another locked up project and this time around Xzibit let it known following his upcoming collaboration with Dr. Dre.  “You have no idea wtf we about to drop like a atom bomb on you.com #Powerful #Actions no statement needed,” he wrote in the caption while sharing a picture in the studio with Dre and Aftermath affiliated producer, Focus…

We’re not sure when the corporation is coming to reality though we’re still hunting for more details.

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