More Songs Of Eminem Hits Online – Listen To “Things Gets Worst”

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More Songs Of Eminem Hits Online - Listen To "Things Gets Worst"

Eminem songs has been penetrating online from unknown source. Despite few of his song added to 2019 Eminem features, Amahiphop can still grip on Slim Shady’s. If you have followed up November songs of this year, you will notice Em songs leaked online not the first time or second.

Just lately, another song surfaced online and it’s all Eminem’s voice. The song it titled Things Gets Worst, of course he’s faraway to revealed the song in question as one of the trackslist appearing in his feature project.

50 Cent shared online that Eminem is working on new album, new belate follow-up to Kamikaze. Not a little bit strange of all those leaked and some of then has been record over the past few years. Things get Worts won’t be add to Nov. song but let’s stream it here below.

Eminem didn’t deliver any project this year, although there’s also simply way to creat your own shady album just like I did share with you all.

This song feature Eminem, Chris Brown and Rihanna’s beat down. If you’re familiar with it then Things Gets Worst is the full version of the song which you might like to listen to, above.

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