Kanye West and Gang Starr Shares New Video “Follow God” & “Bad Name”

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Kanye West and Gang Starr Shares New Video "Follow God" & "Bad Name"

About 12 interesting video you need to watch on Amahiphop November 2019 videos. Both Kanye West and Gang Starr had this new respective album delivered same this year although One Of The Best Yet featured Amahiphop November albums.

While Kanye spiritual transformation was a little bit surprising, YE is even obviously doing possible ideas, interviews now here comes his new gospel video called Follow God. Kanye West has been vocal about his new change, strictly and seriously avoiding negative affects which might ruin his new found Christianity.

Many have hopped on his stragedy, following his last interview he had, disclosing about running for president 2024. So what exactly can be figured out as Kanye West plans with his Jesus Is King 2019 album.

Watching his Follow God video pushes more recognition to the album and the video has been added to November released videos. More videos updated which includes Gang Starr Bad Name under their J.Cole inspired album One Of The Best Yet.

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