MGK Working On 2020 Album ? Shares New Song “Why Are You Here”

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MGK Working On 2020 Album ? Shares New Song "Why Are You Here"

MGK to most minds known as of the rapper with it his own stragedy of influencing upcoming peers in Hip-hop. His Eminem diss track made him this notable traditional rapper who with stand Slim Shady and Challenge with his own gems of rapping.

While Hotel Diablo was the his current album staying on brand on streaming platforms, the Rap Devil rapper has released new song w Why Are You Here which seems as if he’s working on new album for 2020.

The song itself is definitely a standalone song and he never noted of new album featuring 2020. The song debuted on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show earlier today and is now available everywhere as well can be stream on Amahiphop December song list.

Amahiphop didn’t compiled any MGK song of 2019 or have gotten some new songs which would have added to Sept. Oct. or Nov. song release. But with no despair, you can check Why Are You Here on Amahiphop Dec. song list.

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