Meek Mill Use His Reform Get Juelz Santana Release From Prison

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Meek Mill Use His Reform Get Juelz Santana Release From Prison

Meek Mill is making good impact with his prison reform alliance. Philly rapper who claimed to have witnessed unfair injustice is making sure people don’t get humiliated or mistreated while in prison. 

In 2018, Juelz Santana was arrested after trying to board a flight from New Jersey with fully loaded firearm and oxytocin pills in his luggage.

He was released on bond with the sum of $500,000 after his mother used her own house for collateral, yet Juelz Santana was sentenced to 27 months in jail.

The Run it rapper is out, who would have spenx about 27 months in jail probably next year June but it’s all flipped positive the thanks to Meek Mill who help the rapper secure release.

Just lately Wednesday the rapper welcomed home. Source also told Amahiphop that Juelz get released since Meek Mill is the one who connected Juelz wife to strong attorney to help her husband’s early release and that’s the prison reform.

Juelz Santana tells TMZ that he plans to pay it forward by connecting with organizations that help overturn sentences for wrongly convicted prisoners. He also wants to help distribute music and movies produced by inmates.

Last month Meek Mill prison reform made headline from Kanye West who accused Meek Mill of having affair with his wife Kim Kardashian in hotel. Although Milly gave slight reaction.

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