Meek Mill Tops 2019 Songs With YBS Skola “Blow A Bag” – Listen

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Meek Mill Tops 2019 Songs With YBS Skola "Blow A Bag" - Listen

Amahiphop compiled and still compiling more songs of Meek Mill since this year. Philly rapper couldn’t loose grip on any project this year but behind Championship album, we generate Milly’s 2019 album, a list were all third-party collaborations goes under his coverage.

Hopefully, 2020 he’s going to stomp out all the competition with new material, partially i believe but Meek noted he’s working with Eminem and Jay-Z yet he haven’t prove any even at his lowest moments. Although the prison reform rapper previously sent fans on frenzy about new upcoming release.
However, songs of Meek Mill isn’t missing at least we have heard some collaborations, classic vibes and those songs he added to  catalog of hits as as guest appearance. 
Today another new song from YBS Skola Blow A Bag featuring Meek Mill. The song has been added to Meek’s 2019 songs. According to HHNM, the Baltimore native has released his first full length project called Minor Setback where Meek assists the young emcee on track #13, ‘Blow A Bag’. It almost feels like the song belongs to the Philly star.
The project is currently online for stream and it’s good as Meek Mill also inspired the project. To listen to the song you check out Amahiphop November song list or Meek Mill 2019 songs above.

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