Eminem’s “The Slim Shady LP” Expanded Edition Drops Next Month

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Eminem working on new material has been revealed as The Slim Shady LP is projected to drop on December 13 as expanded edition.

50 Cent once said the Detroit rapper is working on new project and unbeknown to fans, the project in question has been unwarpped as Eminem’s
Grammy Award-winning album The Slim Shady LP which was previously released in 1999.

A new sort of the album is on the way coming of course is a re-release or do we subject it as squeal. The incoming slot is characterize as expanded edition which will pack about 30 songs on three discs, which include 10 bonus tracks, including rarities, a cappella versions, freestyles, and instrumentals. The same contents will also be featured on the double-CD version.

Eminem’s The Slim Shady LP [Expanded Edition] Tracklist

1. “Public Service Announcement”
2. “My Name Is”
3. “Guilty Conscience”
4. “Brain Damage”
5. “Paul”
6. “If I Had”
7. “’97 Bonnie & Clyde”
8. “B****”
9. “Role Model”
10. “Lounge”
11. “My Fault”
12. “Ken Kaniff”
13. “Cum On Everybody”
14. “Rock Bottom”
15. “Just Don’t Give A F***”
16. “Soap”
17. “As The World Turns”
18. “I’m Shady”
19. “Bad Meets Evil”
20. “Still Don’t Give A F***”


1. “Hazardous Youth” (A Cappella Version)
2. “Get You Mad”
3. “Greg” (A Cappella Version)
4. “Bad Guys Always Die” (From The Wild Wild West Soundtrack)
5. “Guilty Conscience” (Radio Version)
6. “Guilty Conscience” (Instrumental)
7. “Guilty Conscience” (A Cappella, Edited)
8. “My Name Is” (Instrumental)
9. “Just Don’t Give A F***” (A Cappella)
10. “Just Don’t Give A F***” (Instrumental)

Meanwhile as the album drops next month, it will be add to December albums on Amahiphop December 2019 songs. There’s songs of Eminem off his upcoming project. 

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