Meek Mill Talks Disadvantages Of Fame On Twitter

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Meek Mill Talks Disadvantages Of Fame On Twitter

Hey….you wanna turn famous though not over night but be fame. Is more frequently to claim what you really wants but celebrity life is quiet expensive luxury shelved for masterminds, those who took it upon themselves to archive this or that despite what it takes.

Meek Mill recent rant on Twitter was actually on a high note. Something he larnt over decade old since his career rised to notoriety. Philly Meek Mill took to Twitter and spilled words which could be typical disadvantages of Fame, probably being a celebrity.

Lamenting, “All this money and this fame kinda ruined me as a person.”  he posted on Twitter. Meek Mill simply telling how the and money ruined his life. I don’t think Meek Mill is encouraging. Here’s what he added. “I’m watching people that I love tryna be in the circus.. a billy coming it’s gone “b” even worster.”

Meek Mill still on duty on his career. Meanwhile he also shared new music is on the way by 2020.

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