Logic Surprised The Audience by Twerking On Stage

Logic Surprised The Audience by Twerking On Stage

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At a recent concert, Logic surprised the audience with an unexpected and entertaining performance by twerking on stage.

As part of the College Park Tour earlier this year, alongside Juicy J, the Maryland rapper Logic Twerks On Stage during a late June show.

Logic surprised the audience when he  stripped off his shirt, and unleashing his inner dancer by engaging in a lively twerking routine, which perfectly fit the energy of the night.

A video capturing the moment emerged on August 17. In the footage, Logic confidently took center stage without his shirt, showcasing twerking moves during his rendition of “DadBod.”

He playfully spun around, highlighting his dance skills, and even incorporated elements of Ice Spice’s signature moves into his performance.

Surprisingly, the audience’s response was far from adverse. Instead, their cheers filled the background, and one of Logic’s band members couldn’t help but smile at the sight of the artist’s on-stage enthusiasm.

Although this wasn’t the first instance of Logic’s captivating antics making waves. In May, the 33-year-old artist embraced a quirky post-show cooldown method, which involved him standing half-naked beside an open freezer.

Sharing this humorous episode on Instagram, Logic playfully captioned the video with, “Homies won’t let me live after a hot ass show,” as his crew laughed in the background.

On the musical front, Logic, a former Def Jam signee, shared plans for his upcoming mixtape named “Inglorious Basterd”. He granted fans a sneak peek by remixing Lupe Fiasco’s 2006 hit “Kick, Push.”

“Pick up the brush like Picasso, ’93 Nas flow/ 200 on the 101, watch as the nos go/ Straight from the underground, that lost flow/ Now we get Louis V, back in the day as a kid it was Costco,” Logic’s remix lyrics exclaimed, titled “Still Pushin.”

While the project’s release date remains undisclosed, it will continue Logic’s productive streak following previous releases like “Vinyl Days” and “College Park”, which premiered last February.

Beyond his engaging performances, Logic is poised to display his beatmaking prowess by producing a new EP for Asher Roth. With his lively stage presence and innovative musical ventures, Logic continues to captivate the entertainment industry.