Lil Yachty Ferrari Car Crash on High Speed in Atlanta Freeway

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Lil Yachty Ferrari Car Crash On High Speed at Atlanta Freeway

Lil Yachty did escaped horrific car crash in Atlanta Downtown Connector Monday afternoon. It actually happened although the Atlanta Quality control rapper was able to doge death on his way. 

Following report reaching Amahiphop so far, the incident was reported following heavy rain which led him to lost control on highway with high speed firing from his red Ferrari super Car.

Yachty who short trip on Interstate 75/85 north near University Avenue. Georgia State of course and it’s 400 highway. He was driving his Ferrari through heavy rain caused him to mishandled the $330,000 2020 red Ferrari 488. 

Amahiphop was told that not only he lose control but also due to the downpour and what’s been described as “a lot of standing water on the road,” the rapper’s vehicle hydroplaned, causing a single-car accident that totaled the Ferrari, but thankfully left the rapper with only minor bruises, mainly to his arm and not dead, he did survived his 2020 car crash.

In further report, the car hit left median concrete wall, then spun across 7 lanes of travel before hitting the right concrete wall. The car came to a stop between the right emergency lane and the seventh lane facing west.

The police have confronted him for more clarification which he did, telling the cops what he didn’t remember anything immediately he lose control. 

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