Lil Wayne Studied at the University Of Houston

Lil Wayne Studied at the University Of Houston Not Stanford University

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You might wonder what other things Lil Wayne studied. Apart from music Lil Wayne is also good at some areas of life. But his love of music also made him to study at the University of Houston not at Stanford University.

Lil Wayne is a great rapper and we all can as well rank him as one of the greatest hip-hop rappers of all time, just like 2Pac though. He has made history and keeps making it even after the legal battle between him and Cash Money records. Of course, Lil Wayne is the right owner of YOUNG MONY RECORDS which shaped the rap career of Drake and Nicki Minaj.

One of his biggest dreams is to be his boss. Although Lil Wayne, from the interview he had in the past has shown how relentless he has been in making sure he achieved his dream. Talked to Billboard it was quite understood that Lil Wayne is a rapper don’t want to depend on anyone to survive.

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The List made us know that Lil Wayne studied at the University of Houston. He didn’t study anything music related during his time at school. Meanwhile, Lil Wayne studied political science.

He is so serious about himself at school and wanted to be treated as a regular student. He never let himself down though was very furious to expend his first horizon. He’s someone who loves rapping and during his school, Lil Wayne doesn’t normally attend classes. He only attends on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Then other days are just for Music

Lil Wayne began to music as his professional at the age of 9. Meanwhile, his passion for music led him to do more for himself.

Wayne chose to study at the University of Houston because it was close to his hometown of New Orleans, but far enough away that he wouldn’t get distracted. The rapper told Rolling Stone that New Orleans shaped who he is as a musician, revealing, “New Orleans is the reason why I am a rapper, bro, plain and simple.” 

According to, Wayne was ultimately forced to drop out due to scheduling conflicts but later took online classes at the University of Phoenix instead. The rapper subsequently received an honorary degree in psychology from UH in 2008.

Today, Lil Wayne is a great rapper whom the new rappers are learning from. Lil Wayne prestigious status is well-documented by his daughter Reginae Carter who said nobody should compare her dad. He is always the greatest of all time.

This post was created for those of you who really want to know where Lil Wayne studied. And as said earlier, Lil Wayne didn’t study at Stanford University.