Lil Wayne Shares New Song “Sleepless” – Listen

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Lil Wayne Shares New Song "Sleepless" - Listen

Sure Funeral album is getting ready to drop in 2020 and according to Lil Wayne the album has been slated to drop in February.

Today Wayne has new song Called Sleepless. Sleepless marks as the second song we are listening from his follow to That Carter V album.
 While Gimme Brain by Travis Barker featuring both Wayne and Rick Ross, Cap and Grown also appeared before the single, serving as the first song featuring Funeral album.
Although the track is taken off Ethika’s upcoming mixtape RGB 3 which is set to debut in full on Wednesday, Dec. 18. Weezy uses the auto-tune throughout ‘Sleepless’ and hardly performs any raps on the WZRD BLD-produced track. This is definitely not his strongest release. Meanwhile we are not sure if this song will be added to Funeral trackslist.
So without much, is obviously clear that Lil Wayne album readies and will definitely debut in 2020 February, the same month Young Thug Punk shedulded to release. To stream Sleepless, you can check it out on Amahiphop December song list.

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