Obie Trice Extend Disrespectful Diss Track at Nick Cannon – Round 2

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Obie Trice Extend Disrespectful Diss Track at Nick Cannon - Round 2

Eminem is simply Watching his man Obie Trice Battle Nick Cannon without even stretching any of his popular bars.

Well, this rap battle has gotten to this extent were Obie decide to put Em aside the focus at Nick Cannon. We all remember his last diss song, I mean Obie Trice Spanky Eyes aimed at Nick following Nick Cannon’s Pray For Him which the second round of his own diss song shot at Eminem.

However the diss, Obie Trice really wants to balance the equation then has came back with another round of his own second diss song in the wake of his Spanky Eyes.

Obie Trice dropped new song, trending his bars at Nick Cannon and verbally addressing his matter. The song is called “SPANKYHAYES2″. The song also warn Nick to stay in his lane and don’t allow this beef to interfere in his career.

“You’s a rich nigga, stay in your lane/Don’t let this beef shit interfere with your fame,” Obie Trice raps. “Detroit City, detrimental to the brain, we don’t fuck with you lames/Y’all fuck up the game, y’all suffocate everything real then put your twist on it/Bitch like you got skills.” Listen below.

Eminem and Nick Cannon kick-started their beef this year. Although is a renewed beef since both have been on this bad side. But the beef reignite itself after Fat Joe’s Family Ties came to light with Lord Above song.

Eminem sht his brutal bars at Nick and Nick Cannon had no other choice but to defend his ground with The Invitation which attracted 50 Cent into the infamous beef but later welcome Joyner Lucas who silent Nick Cannon to stop his hoopla with Eminem.

Within that range also, Obie Trice offload his loads at Nick.

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