Jay-Z & Kanye West Reportedly Settled Tidal Legal Dispute After Diddy’s Birthday Party

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Jay-Z & Kanye West Reportedly Settled Tidal Legal Dispute

So Kanye West and Jay-Z finally signed legal peace since there Diddy invited 50th birthday. Jay and Ye had this long-running infamous beef which also effected Tidal streaming after both were giving distance owing to feud.

Kanye West , the current pastor of this era is fully cooperating with Billionaire rapper. Looks like their side beef has been squeezed off following Diddy’s 2019 party which saw both Hov and Ye as guest appearance. Without being told about the family publicity brawl, Watch The Thrones rappers are famously known as foes over the past years ?

However, thing has flipped to good and here comes the Hip-hop moguls acting as one Captain inside one ship ? They put the hoopla aside after meeting privately during Diddy’s Birthday party.

Earlier this year, media outlet noted Jesus Is King rapper and 4:44 mastermind business man settled their Tidal 3.1 legal dispute which has been one of the bugs eating their relationship off. According to TMZ report, the Diddy-party reunion came after Jay and Ye had already reconciled privately. West’s $3.5 million legal dispute with Carter over the Tidal streaming service in 2017 was reportedly settled behind the scenes earlier this year.

Actually this reconciliation is amazing of course interesting to talk about. Both had respective shots towards each other from various but luckily they call it quit.

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