Lil Wayne Name Lil Baby, Baby Keem and Young Dolph as new Favourite Artists
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Lil Wayne can easily tell you what exactly he likes and when it comes hip-hop and its community, there are a series of things. In that case, a rapper naming his or her favourite artists is far more props and Lil Wayne has done that lately.

While we hope to stream something new from Lil Wayne, his new album to be specific, the Young Money boss has taken his time to talk about his favourite rappers.

This time he’s not talking about his all-time best rappes. However, Liltunchi has named few new hip-hop artists as his favourite current rappers.

During his recent interview with “I Am Athlete” podcast where he spoke with Brandon Marshall, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, Pac-Man Jones, and Omar Kelly about his legacy while reflecting on his legendary career.

He did name Lil Baby, Baby Keem and Young Dolph as his current favourite rappers.

He said he’s been listening to Baby Keem, in addition to his “Forever” collaborator Lil Baby. “I been on all them,” he said.

The New Orleans icon also gave props to Young Dolph, whose music he discovered after his death. “Rest in peace, I really just started getting into Dolph’s shit…because they playing it a lot, so I’m starting to hear a lot more than I’ve ever heard.”

He admires the late Memphis rapper for his “authenticity,” and compared him to another one of his favourites. “He reminds me a lot of 2 Chainz. Tit makes that shit make sense and he doesn’t break his lane.

Lil Wayne has not dropped any album since this year. But Amahiphop began his 2022 songs compilation last two months. The compilation has featured more artists and new Lil Wayne’s songs which you can check out.