Lil Wayne Crime History Denied Him Entery UK

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Lil Wayne crime history is what many can’t forget. So many of these rappers who have busted out into success also have testimonies they can relate to, just the way Young Thug is facing a slew of charges.

Lil Wayne was released from prison in 2010, from Rikers Island. He was jailed for weapons charges stemming from his arrest in July 2007.

Lil Wayne was arrested on July 22 2007 while at a concert in New York City. That was his first concert in the City. Police were able to approach him and his entourage and found loaded weapon.

He was charged with one count of criminal weapons possession and one charge of criminal possession of a loaded weapon. That was how Lil Wayne’s crime began and this time the British government has a remark of bad history of Liltunchi and they are holding him responsible.

Lil Wayne Crime UK

So what, what’s new about Lil Wayne and UK. Though Weezy can still tour around other countries but as for UK, he was recently restricted from entering the border. Lil Wayne is one of these rappers projected to perform at the Strawberries and Creem festival. But just flipped.

The report reaching us is that Wayne will not perform on Saturday owing to the status of his criminal record which the British country had recycled over the year. It’s now being used against him.

The organisers of the show has confirmed it as well. This is not the first time he has been denied entry UK. Lil Wayne Crime history is much known to UK government also. In 2011, Lil Wayne UK tour was cancelled after his visa application was reportedly rejected by UK border authorities due to prior convictions.

 “We are deeply disappointed by this sudden and negative ruling,” Strawberries & Creem organizers wrote in a statement. “We have received very minimal notice, and the timing of the decision is of course upsetting for all involved,” organisers updated.

The Home Office elaborated on their ruling in a statement to Rolling Stone: “In a statement to Rolling Stone, a Home Office spokesperson said, “Any individual who has been sentenced to a custodial sentence of 12 months or more must have their application refused.” 

A few days back, Ricch Was arrested for a weapon and loaded firearm while trying to bypass the security operatives. This is similarity to what Lil Wayne did over this past years has maintained his not entry to UK. Though Roddy Ricch has been released.