Lil TJay Has Been Shot In New Jersey

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A Lot is going on right now as Lil TJay shot by unknown gunman and has been set to undergo a serious surgery. Lil TJay was shot in New Jersey, TMZ reported after several shots were made in different places in New Jersey.

The new is gradually developing since the shooters are yet to be found. However, Lil TJay was left with wounds that needs to be addressed with surgery. The two shootings includes one at a Chipotle Restaurant and another at a nearby Exxon Gas station.

At Chipotle restaurant, victim was shot on multiple occasions whereas in Exxon gas station, only one gunshot was made. Police are investigating what erupted to the incident and the identity of the second victim has not been made public. Check more information via the twitter post below.

Lil TJay
Lil TJay New Jersey news
Report from Twitter

Just like we said, Lil that shot incident is developing and we will definitely update you all if there is any thing or of the suspects get arrested.

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