Lil Baby's new seafood Restaurant receives a negative review

Lil Baby’s new seafood Restaurant receives a negative review

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Lil Baby‘s new seafood restaurant in Atlanta, received a negative review. A Social Media user who wasn’t impressed with the service of the restaurant, made a post that went viral.

She went on Social Media to point out that she wasn’t served with the right quantity of food, by giving it a thumbs down.

“I would never go back. Why was one of my pieces of fish like literally half? And then they had the nerve to cover it up with the other piece of fish.

I also ordered a lobster tail with six shrimp and they only gave me four shrimp”. She wrote on her post.

On Friday The 4th of August, the criticism was addressed by the restaurant in a statement made to TMZ. In it’s on words…

“Seafood Menu greatly appreciates all feedback, regardless of its nature as it contributes to the continuous improvement of our customer service.

We recently became aware of a video circulating on social media, which appears to depict a to-go order from our opening day.

However, we are unable to verify the timing of the video in relation to the food order. It’s worth noting that our opening day saw an impressive turnout of over 2,000 patrons.

With nearly 99% of reviews being positive, we regret not having the chance to directly address this concern.

But we remain dedicated to enhancing our services and serving our underserved community to the best of our ability”.