Lil Baby Explains How He Turned $60 Into $100K Money

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Lil Baby Explains How He Turned $60 Into $100K Money

Lil Baby who has become one of the Hip-hop fixture isn’t trying to hide he past hustle. My Turn creator amass great fortune, living so extravagant this days and perhaps that’s pure smart-work and stragedy he adopted to stay his music more relevant.

Lil Baby who is currently celebrating his four years of freedom yet made No. 1 at Billboard isn’t just fiction you’re hearing but the rapper has been into critical challenges. Despite his 2014 experience, mean the time he he imprisoned and was set free in 2016. He is able to turn his name into big commercial figure which have gave him testimony to share with us today.

Baby having came across hardship, his sister can also prove it and how the rapper made it from grace to grace. For the past few days there’s this video of Lil Baby’s sister explaining how the rapper once turned $60 into $100K money after he was released from prison in 2016. 

Actually the video is not only teaching to play smart but also how to save money. Baby had apparently asked his family for $20, though they admitted it was out of character for him to even ask for money in the first place. “We went in his room just being nosey. Me and my sister counted $100,000 with our bare hands. He gon’ come through all the time,” she said.

The video went far to that extent caught his attention were the rapper himself also confirmed on it. He also shared how he managed to save money as he comment on the video “Majority came from a dice game … probably put 60$ on 2k then I ain’t loose for a week straight.”

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