Kodak Black Writes Open Letter to Fans; Read
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Kodak Black Writes Open Letter to Fans; Read

Kodak Black still behind bars. But there’s no desperation in his mind as regards to freedom and he simply believed he will be out continue his music front.

The Transgressions rapper pleaded guilty to an attempted second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, according to WKBW Buffalo.

He has been charged with two to seven years prison but according to report, it will be a concurrent to his federal charges. Meanwhile the rapper in other way round serves no longer as expected since both his new charge and federal charges are happening.

The rapper and three other men were arrested back in April at the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge. Police found four handguns, a loaded magazine cartridge, and marijuana inside of the vehicle the men were riding in. They were reportedly trying to enter the United States from Canada.

The rapper wrote an open letter while behind bars and shared it on his Instagram account. He discussed his time in prison and some of the struggles he’s experienced, including the alleged removal of his commissary, phone, and email.

“They gave me 60 days in the box but suspended the 30 on Dude end. I gotta do the 30 for the C.O. incident. F##k it im on cruise control !,” he wrote. “They hit me cross the head tho on everything else. They took my commissary 6m, Phone & the email.” check below.


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