Drake Breaks New Billboard Records With 208 Songs on Hot 100

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Drake Breaks New Billboard Records With 208 Songs on Hot 100

Drake haven’t dropped any album this year but the Toronto rapper is leading particular category with his past and new efforts. Drake has break new record using and having 208th songs on Billboard Hot 100 to claim the accolade .

While he lacks ton of features since this 2020, at least we heard his collaboration with DaBaby and Lil Yatchty on Oprah’s Bank Account song which automatically escalates Drake’s Billboard status.

Oprah’s Bank Account was released this year also managed to reach the Billboard Hot 100 top-notch since we it’s spot as No. 89 and then turns Drake more relevant against Glee and more.

The song in question ranks as one of the songs on Billboard Hot 100 and counting songs of Drake smashing the Hot 100, then it’s safe to say his turn with DaBaby and Lil Yatchty is the success behind his recent Billboard entry.

To top it off, the single earned close to 10.5 million first-week U.S. streams. Now with 208 total entries in Hot 100’s history, which dates to its Aug. 4, 1958 inception, Drake passes the Glee Cast, which had 207.

Drizzy’s first hit was ‘Best I Ever Had’ which entered the Hot 100 in the chart dated May 23, 2009. Interestingly, Glee Cast also had their first hit just two weeks later the same year. Below is a list of artists having the highest chart entries on Hot 100.

New Billboard Top Entries

208, Drake
207, Glee Cast
168, Lil Wayne
109, Elvis Presley
108, Nicki Minaj
107, Kanye West
100, Jay-Z
99, Chris Brown
97, Taylor Swift
93, Future
91, James Brown
88, Eminem
80, Justin Bieber
75, Ray Charles
73, Aretha Franklin
71, The Beatles

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