Kodak Black Received Collective Beaten In Prison By 7 Men

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Kodak Black Received Collective Beaten In Prison By 7 Men

Kodak couldn’t escape his enemies who waited for him as an inmates after he pleaded guilty over convict. Kodak’ team didn’t disclosed most of his mistreatment in Bureau of Prisons before transferring him out. He received health amount of beaten by seven prison guards while he was handcuffed at Kentucky’s Big Sandy penitentiary.

That was so brutal fight and report reaching Amahiphop and also from Instagram post, the incarcerated rapper barred for six months. The punishment attached with no phone calls which is absolutely staying distance. Another prison punishment he nabbed include no internal and external visitors throughout the restriction. Things has been put in place by inmates letting Kodak Black’s team know the unbeknown.

Inmates told his team Kodak Black has been restricted for brawling. Meanwhile further contact from him at this moment could be another offense. He’s off-limit following recent clash with related fight in prison.

“Friday night he was badly beaten while in cuffs, by 7 guards at Big Sandy. They struck him in the head repeatedly with a metal object.Then after one of the guards flicked his genitals and said ‘you’re not so gangster now, you’re gonna need bigger balls to survive.’”

His attorney whose name Bradford Cohen, will be requesting “extensive investigation conduct ” by the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI. 

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This is not the first time the Florida rapper faced prison hard time. Kodak Black was moved to Kentucky prison after his family and team filed he’s been mistreated yet again the same Kodak is even under threat.

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