Kodak Black Is the Most Featured Rapper So Far
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It’s Kodak season and he has continued to stay relevant on Aswehiphop 2023 compilation. Last, the Florida resident rapper was able to join Aswehiphop’s top compilation even rated as one of the most featured rappers after dropping some albums. Kodak Black, is the most featured rapper in 2023 so far.

We began our top compilations of 2023 which have already featured some rappers like Drake, Lil Baby, Nicki Minaj, J. Cole, Kodak Black, Offset, ASAP Rocky and more. These rappers, we are currently compiling their 2023 songs and features respectively.

While you can check out the last compilation, then you also see that Lil Durk is the most featured rapper in 2022 after some features he got last year. However, this year is another different year.

Kodak Black is currently leading as the most featured hip-hop rapper. Maybe you can see why after checking out his 2023 songs and features. He has gotten about 5 features with a single which he released as Maui Woop.

No rapper has taken this spot so far. Though as time goes on, things might change else the rapper will continue to be the most featured. Our compilation here on Aswehiphop will enable you to know some rappers’ full songs of the year. This includes albums, mixtapes, singles and features.

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