Kanye West To Sequel “Jesus Is King” and Incorporates Dr Dre

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Kanye West To Sequel "Jesus Is King" and Incorporates Dr Dre

Kanye West has announced the coming back of his spiritual transformation album. What’s exactly am I saying, very simple that Jesus Is King Incorporating Dr Dre under second version of JIK project which took everyone by suprise.

We all here already stretched over earshot to his 2019 album although Kanye West has delivered series of projects since this year yet there’s more of his inner workings  but this time a new joint project coming down the pipeline.

He once told Amahiphop about his Jesus Is Born project which he slated to takes shape this upfront December. Kanye West is proving with all he have. His new found Christianity is probably a lifelong dream come true ?

However, Kanye West and Twitter are close-knit. YE’s teasing big announcement on Twitter is what he dose relentlessly, meanwhile he took to Twitter account lately and offload one of his excitement with Dr Dre, set Twitter fanbase frenzy with his joint project under Dr assist coverage.

On Monday afternoon (Nov. 18), ‘Ye used his Twitter account to announce Jesus Is King Part II, which will feature Dr. Dre. “Ye and Dre Jesus is King Part II coming soon,” Yeezy wrote in the tweet, which includes an image of himself and the good doctor in the studio. For his part, Dre posted an identical message to his Instagram account.

Fans are so desperate to know when this project is coming to light. Amahiphop can’t offer you the particular date when the joint album hitting stream. As for Dr Dre, we aren’t sure of participant in project, under which section, production, beat or full joint work Kanye West.

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