Kanye West & Akon 2024 US Presidential Candidates

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Kanye West & Akon 2024 US Presidential Candidates

What a coincidence Akon and Kanye West running for a new regime of government. Doesn’t matter but are they jumping so early ? To most minds out there, is kind of booing and unbeknown to some people, Jesus Is King rapper let it known about his interest to inspire indigenous people of US and to do this, his stragedy is to hunt over POTUS.

Nevertheless, Kanye West is so desperate under no desperation of running for 2024 presidential election. He has been rubbing off internet with headlines, classic stores of his intent towards next movement. Cool of course many appreciate his spiritual Christan vision but Akon looks like he’s all against Kanye West in 2024’s presidential election.


Akon who dropped new album titled  El Negreeto was stopped by The Real and he spilled some of his guts, hover on his contribution to African countries then made some healthy amount of vocal on Kanye West prospect of running for president and his thoughts as well.

“Well I don’t think it would be a competition, I honestly need him to run. I want him to run.”  He continue, “When I run for president in 2024, we want to definitely…” ‘Kanye began before being interrupted by laughter from the crowd. “Yo what y’all laughing at? When I run for president in 2024, we would’ve created so many jobs that I’m not going to run, I’m gonna walk.”

Kanye has been teasing his run for president for a few years now, but it seems the rapper is more serious than ever.

Kanye West what’s to become one of the world power under hip-hop but Lil Wayne once noted Jay-Z as only billionaire rapper who’s capable of running for president. 

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