Kanye West Reveals ‘DONDA 2’ Track List

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Kanye West DONDA series continues not only last year but this year 2022. DONDA 2 was revealed and this time you all are also getting something new as well. But the album might favor some commercial streaming platforms since he categorically specified where DONDA 2 will made available.

DONDA 2 track list official out ahead of the date. 22 February the album dropping. Again, it will only be featured on his Stem Player which you can buy here for $200. However, it might looks like you all won’t stream it on preferred platform although the fact is that there will still another way round to hear it.

In the early hours of the morning, Ye has gone back to Instagram to unveil the official track list for the album, at this point anyway. Anyone who’s been through a Kanye West album cycle before knows that this is subject to change, perhaps even past the release date.

As of now, there are 22 tracks listed. Check it out below.

You can also check out DONDA previous album. The Deluxe edition which came in the first place