Kanye West and Davidson

Kanye West Makes a Joke That Pete Davidson Is Dead

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Since Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian took different ways, it has been a rough time between them. Especially, Kanye West is no longer taking social media more seriously, unlike other moments. Meanwhile, seeing him making his debut back in the social media community is much more observed. Kanye West and Davidson aren’t good enough to be brought together.

However, for the fact that Kanye and Kim are still doing things separately and Pete Davidson having linked up with Kim as a date, Kanye West still can way to drag Pete on social media.

Recently, Kanye West made a joke about Pete Davidson that he is dead. Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson also separated after she left Kanye West for Pete. It’s just nine months of dating.

Ye has found the humour in that and has posted a fake NY Times newspaper that reads “Skete Davidson Dead At Age 28”, referencing the breakup. The bottom of the newspaper also taunts Kid Cudi, who replaced Ye when he pulled out of Rolling Loud. The artist had bottles thrown at him on stage and the newspaper reads “Kid Cudi meant to play funeral but fearful of bottle throwers”.

Kanye West and Davidson saga began after Kim Kardashian left him and since then, Kanye West is nervous about Pete. Seeing him taking a newspaper shot against Pete shows both aren’t good to be friends.

Kanye West has been keeping a low social profile for a few months. He only made appearance on Cardi B’s Hot Sh*t song.