Wack 100 Is Bullying Kim Kardashian; Wants Kanye West to watch Full S-Tape of his Wife

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Wack 100 has a surprise for Kanye West, not for the publication. It’s private stuff that only need Kanye West’s attention.

Kanye West has heard numerous about his wife whom he is likely to encounter one or two issues that normally trends online.

Last year Kanye wasn’t happy about Meek Mill and Kim Kardashian meeting to talk about prison reform, having hotel as the major venue. That’s one of the misdemeanours Kanye could be counting against Kim yet again Wack has just erupted viral s*x tape, probably is unbeknownst to public domain.

Wack stepped forward lately with a claim he has a s*x tape featuring Kim Kardashian and Ray J. Well, the developing story seems to be part two of what actually happened back in 2002, between the two s*x practitioners.

According to wack’s recent interview with Bootleg Kev, “All I know is this, Kanye West, holla at me, bro,” Wack said. “We got part two on the laptop, ain’t never been seen. We’d love for you to have it. It would be a great personal private NFT.”

From what we understand from his reputation, the S tape is a continuation of Kim and Roy J’s sexual intercourse with full clear graphics. He wants Kanye West to call him if interested in getting from him.

Wack 100 wants Kanye to see the type of woman he married. Wack is simply social-bullying Kim though won’t let the world see the full sex tape of Kim and Roy. He keeps it private but only wants Kanye West to have, privately.

Kanye West released his new album DONDA featuring some favourable artists. The album got two videos on Amahiphop Sept. U.S. PMVC while increasing Lil Baby’s 20201 songs compilation and The Weeknd’s 2021 songs compilation.

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