Kanye West and The Game Relationship

Kanye Wasn’t Happy with Game’s New Comments About Dr. Dre

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Kanye West and The Game relationship is something that sparked notable social media headlines. Their relationship looks like it’s not favouring Dr Dre after The Game made a vicious comment about Kanye and Dr.

While many have sent shots of being ungrateful at The Game who publicly confirmed Kanye West has done what Dr Dre couldn’t do for him. The comment wasn’t clear enough after folks understood Dr Dre also played a huge role in most of these traditional hip-hop rappers’ careers which also include The Game.

However, if you think The Game and Dr Dre have no difference in the past then such a point of view by The Game about Kanye and Dre wouldn’t have popped up. While 50 Cent and Dr Dre remain unbreakable closet friends, The Game who was pleased to join G-Unit by Dr Dre ended up beefing 50 Cent.

The beef made The Game leave G-Unit and the whole chaos also has to affect Dr Dre, probably being 50 Cent’s all-time homie. Though The Game and Dr Dre’s relationship wasn’t bad even to date. But saying YE has done something Dr couldn’t do for him, to Dre fans it makes The Game ungrateful dude.

Kanye West and The Game relationship was brought to the spotlight following Game’s credit to him. But N.O.R.E who had a big moment interview featuring Snoop Dogg and DJ EFN said Kanye West wasn’t happy about acclaim to him.

Kanye West and The Game worked together, maybe there is something special Game figured out and Dre never did it before. According to Snoop Dogg, he can’t go against The Game comment.

“That’s his personal experience. Kanye could’ve shown him something, Dre not really good at showing you nothing. He’s basically good at bringing your talents to light, to where it’s about you not what he do for you. I couldn’t answer that, but Game is my little homie so I respect everything he say and do,” Snoop said.