John Legend and Kanye West Relationship

John Legend and Kanye West Relationship Discussed By the “Green Light” Singer

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John Legend and Kanye West relationship might travelled also the wrong way but never denied John Legend not being respectful to YE for his kindness. The Green Light singer, John Legend has taken his time and explained how Kanye West prepared him for fame.

To John Legend, Kanye West’s success which can be traced from the early 2000s prepared him for success. John met Kanye West in the 2000s after he moved to New York and there one of his friends invite him to meet the DONDA rapper.

However, both meeting each other that year was an excellent discovery of their respective potential. They helped each other and also work on demos for their debut albums. Kanye 2004 The College Dropout had an amazing commercial success which John can testify to because he was on one on one with YE.

Reflecting on their early friendship in an interview with The Guardian, John Legend explained that watching West’s rise helped get him ready for his own.

“Me and Kanye were working on each other’s demos – mine, which would become Get Lifted, and his, which would be The College Dropout,” he said. “Being with Kanye and witnessing him blow up in the early days helped prepare me for what would happen. When success finally happened for me, I felt like I was able to not be overwhelmed by it.”

“I would get told ‘no’ by a lot of people in the industry,” he shared. “I’d get really lowball offers for record deals or people would tell me to work more on my demo.

“Finally, The College Dropout came out in 2004 and it just took off. That’s when the music from “Get Lifted* started to sound a lot better to all the record execs.”

John and Kanye West relationship might not be 100% remembered but John can forget how Kanye West’s success helped him grow into a commercial phenomenon. John Legend partners with Kanye West G.O.O.D. Music label and released Get Lifted later that year.