Jay-z 21 Savage and Nas beef

Jay-Z and 21 Savage on Nas

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Is Nas being aimed? The traditional hip-hop rapper has been on sort of trends since the inception of his King’s Disease III. This album was released peaceful of course, no called out from any track that made the full album. But something might not seem probably to Nas after Ja-Z, and 21 Savage have shown interest in other way round.

First and foremost, 21 Savage in no way we found him in any beef with Nas. Things have been more of on the peaceful side until Nas released his sixteenth studio. While Nas Jay-Z have had this beef history, 21 Savage at least can need said to be more of Hov than Nas.

However, Nas has not condemned HER LOSS co-rapper not even until his recent comment. A few days ago, we updated 21 Savage saying Nas is relevant. Well, to most folks Savage might have made a mistake unbeknownst to himself. Though he never admitted that.

21 Savage comment about Nas is an absolutely disrespect which Nas brother Jabari Jones is bothered about it. The Queensbridge emcee also told the ATL rapper how he felt about his latest project, Her Loss, and mocked Savage and Drake’s song, “Rich Flex” in the process. 

“21 Savage is trash. Glad Nas dropped KD3 so fans can hear real bars,” Jungle, also known as Jabari Jones, said, tagging Savage. “21 can you do something for me??”

The above is a comment from Nas’s brother aimed at 21 Savage has attracted rappers like Kodak Black and Fivio Foreign. They never supported 21 Savage for did respect a GOAT like Nam. Kodak Black who once encountered 21 Savage over a rap battle respond to Savage’s comment about Nas.

“That n***a Nas did too much…to be disrespected like that. That’s the GOAT where I’m from. And I was just on his album, he just got a Grammy for the album I just was on,” the Brooklyn MC told the outlet, referring to Nas’ 2020 album King’s Disease, which featuring Fivio on “Spicy.”

“This motherfucker talking about Nas irrelevant,” Kodak said on Instagram Live. “How the fuck Nas ain’t relevant, homie? N***a smoking dick because of Drake. We from the projects. We from the trenches. We don’t give a fuck about no fucking…you did a Drake. We salute Drake. We love Drake. OK, whatever. Fam, folks smoking dick. Nas that n***a,” Kodak Black adds.

Meanwhile, 21 Savage comment came after Jay-Z show. JAY-Z posted a photo flexing all of his Grammy Awards which was the same day Nas a shared King’s Disease III tracklist. However, Nas has only shared his few about Jay-Z recent photo. During his The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Nas talked about that and below is what he said.

“When I released the tracklist for the album the other day, he released a picture with all his Grammys,” the Queensbridge MC pointed out while discussing his relationship with the Roc Nation boss. “Shout out to him.”

This a not the first that Jay-Z interfered with Nas on any of new album. We still can recall the time Nas released King Disease, Jay-Z also released a song called Entrepreneur the same day. The same thing has repeated itself which Nas has also noticed.

However, the Illmatic legend doesn’t believe there’s any malice involved. “I think maybe there’s an energy that we both have where we maybe we feel like we work around the same time and the time,” he said on The Breakfast Club in 2020. “I think things just happen — just synergy, you know? Jay would know better than me.”

Jay-Z might be making things look like he is still having beef with Nas but still doesn’t believe that. Of course both rappers share this common song Sorry Not Sorry on DJ Khaled Khaled Khaled’s album.

Jay-Z and 21 Savage recent social media post and comment are suspicious as many folks have claimed it’s all about Nas. Though nothing to say over 21 Savage yet.

As Jay-Z and 21 Savage’s relationship became stronger after Jay-Z helped the Circo Loco rapper get released from ICE custody. He respects Jay-Z a lot and is ready to follow his lead, not Nas. So, if you’re seeing 21 Savage and Jay-Z on a coincidence then you shouldn’t be surprised.