Ja Rule Gives Trolls Self-Defense Over 50 Cent Ended Him

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Ja Rule Gives Trolls Self-Defense Over 50 Cent Ended Him

This infamous beef is getting more legs probably from 50 Cent fans who are vicious replicated off from the Power co-creator. Ja Rule and 50 Cent has sworn to be adversaries forever and it’s happening without signs of squeezing off.

50 Cent isn’t totally living this radio-silent under Ja’s cover, he has been one of Ja Rule’s most outspoken critics yet again fans of Fiddy is helping in putting out Ja Rule although it looks extremely sorry to them.

After yesterday’s Popeyes chicken sandwich comments, Twitter users have decided to open fire on the rapper by bringing up the failed Fyre Festival in response to the Popeyes craze. Of course, these jokes eventually circled back to his unresolved issues with 50 Cent. Yet, he didn’t let these comments get under his skin. When one troll told Ja that he was glad 50 Cent “ended” his career, Ja Rule responded by saying, “Me too fuck Ja Rule.” (Complex)

Right Off The Bat, Ja Rule hopped in, at the fan comment who lash out his guts on him. It looks like back to back responds after Ja Rule followed up with his own swipe aimed only on 50 Cent. “You do know he got beat up stabbed and shot,” Ja Rule said to a fan that accused 50 of bullying him. “don’t sound like an efficient bully to me.”

Along with the 50 Cent shots, the trolls made assumptions that Ja Rule is broke. So this morning, the rapper reminded them the Murder, Inc. checks still pay by sending out a sarcastic tweet about him having to work for Uber.

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