Drake and Kylie Jenner Spark Alarming Romance Rumour

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Drake and Kylie Jenner Spark Alarming Romance Rumour

Drake stretching and shifting his next romance to Kylie Jenner, what a swirling. Actually I don’t get it or Travis Scott goes off to create room for Drizzy.

Report has surfaced online after observing at OVO and Kylie Jenner. PEOPLE exclusive breaks new movement in-between the 22, beauty mogul Drake. Both parties have been getting each other’s back.

Source disclosed to People that the Toronto rapper and Kylie Jenner are long-runing friends although they never shared a tight bond relationship but things are just kick-starting.

“He and Kylie have been spending time together recently,” says a source. “They’ve been friends for a long time and Drake is very close to the family.”

Also some side rumours from different headquarters noted Drake and Kylie Jenner have been hanging out “romantically” since she split with Travis in October.  Series of hints has been initiated following this break out headline. Some insiders and outsiders are differently saying related opinion.

Drake and Kylie Jenner has always been this romance fixture in Hip-hop. They have dating opposite genders so would it be more pretty if they could play this game together. Currently, bystanders and seat warmers are watching the next step of Kylie Jenner since she’s on break with Travis Scott.

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