Did The Game Truly Lose Born 2 Rap Album Royalty To Priscilla Rainey ?

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Did The Game Truly Lose Born 2 Rap Album Royalty To Priscilla Rainey ?

This pandemic time not favoring many and The Game’s Born 2 Rap album royalty is redirected to woman whom he has been battling on sexual allegedly case. Born 2 Rap album, according to the West Side Compton legend, that’s his last album, he quit rap ? Well is an option he made but Game is losing it all to Priscilla Rainey who he was order to $7M by court orders.

Until the bill is cleared the Born 2 Rap rapper will continue his album Royalty from his lable. Rainey is in battle with Game since 2015 were she accused Jayceon Terrell Taylor l, The Game for sexually assaulting her on a Camera, in Chicago. Meanwhile the court brawl has been lingering of course Rainey secured winning the rapper and judge said the Game will pay ton of $7M

Source told Amahiphop it was put to doc that if he resist to comply his future label Royalty is Rainey Royalty and we all know Born 2 Rap is at least fresh Game album we’re streaming with other his related past albums.

In 2015, Priscilla Rainey appeared on The Game’s reality dating show “She’s Got Game”. She accused the Game of sexually assaulting her during an “off-camera date” at a Chicago sports bar in May of that year.

The Game was put to blame after the court demands his attention which he didn’t hit up. However, it was also convinced, the woman in question got $1.13 million in compensatory damages and another $6 million in punitive damages after the Game failed to appear in court. As you can the $7M is sum of $1.13 and $6M.

Priscilla and The Game
Priscilla Rainey on Instagram took some amazing bunch of U.S dollars inside car. Probably Game’s fan who couldn’t tight-lippe his month said the money is Game’s money which Rainey replied by calling the rapper a molester. She also said the rapper haven’t paid her the bounty. Although while more hovering reports saying the rapper have paid his debt, Amahiphop still checking the authenticity. 

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