It’s Hurting As Bobby Shmurd Denied Parole, More Time In Prison

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Fans of Bobby Shmurd are not just happy after the rapper who was arrested in 2014 and get sentenced to prison for seven years.

Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda (real name Ackquille Jean Pollard) is coming out from prison anytime soon probably for the year 2020. TMZ told Amahiphop the 26-years old rapper has been denied parole which simply means he will remain in prison.

Fans and his mom, all were so optimistic about Bobby getting released from prison this year. But it all flipped. His mother Leslie Pollard in revolt Interview once talked about this which made Shmurda fan-base to wait for the rapper in no tireless time.

She was “very confident” that he would be granted parole; tentative plans were made for Shmurda to release new music upon his release. His sentence ends in December 2021.

He was arrested in 2014 for gun and drug then get charged. He also found under guilty after trying to smuggle sharp metal object into Rikers Island while in custody awaiting trial, in 2015. It’s quite simple to understand the rapper was charged for gun and drug possessions since 2014.

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