Is Lil Baby’s “My Turn” Dropping This Jenuary ?

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Is Lil Baby's "My Turn" Dropping This Jenuary ?

Maybe Lil Baby is one of the heaviest album to expect this year. Baby plans to do something difference from his past album meanwhile his fans are quiet waiting for his new project to loose grip this year.

My Turn will be his follow up to 2018 Street Gossip. Baby shared new album artwork and it left fans wondering if the project coming to stream this Jenuary. Not sure if Lil Baby joining both Lil Wayne and Young Thug Jenuary releasing.

Just few weeks back he noted about the release of My Tire and a Mixtape called Lamborghini Boys coming to existence by 2020 ? However, it looks like My Turn coming in as early bird since the artwork has been disclosed by the Atlanta rapper.

He tweeted on Twitter about his upcoming project with a caption 2020. Check it below.

Lil Baby’s current single ‘Woah’ is picking up good momentum on the radio as we speak. It’s currently siting at the #47 spot of the Billboard Hot 100. The music video was released last month — watch it here.

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