T-Pain drift

‘I’m having a blast,’ says T-PAIN, securing his first victory in a drift competition.

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Once again, T-Pain has chosen to pursue a different business path. This time, the artist entered and won a drift competition.

The multihyphenate revealed on Instagram on Monday, March 25, that he won first place in The LZ World Tour while representing his Nappy Boy Automotive label, which he founded in collaboration with HertLife.

“I WON MY FIRST EVER BATTLE!!! We pulled up to @thelzworldtour and put on for @nappyboyautomotive in the @rtrvehicles #C137 #Mustang I can’t thank the community enough for accepting me and helping me along the way leading up to my first battle that was also my first win,”

“Thank you for keeping the stang tight and ready, @john_wig08 and @autoextremesinc,” he said. I’m grateful to @rj drift for not completely tearing my door off like he could have [emoji for laughing]. With all of this man, I’m having an absolute blast, and I don’t see me quitting anytime soon. BRRRRRAP!!!!!


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T-Pain said last month that he is happy now than he has ever been in his career. He claims that for the most part of his time in the spotlight, he has not felt this way.

On February 15, Pain used Instagram to promote his new song “Dreaming.” He gave his fans an explanation for why he was feeling so happy, which heightened the song’s uplifting energy.

“Am I content in general? Without a doubt, my n-gga,” he declared in a video. This is by far the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I’ve been incredibly depressed and screwed up for a long time. However, my spouse has supported me greatly. You know, in terms of a career? In terms of my career, I’m happier than I’ve ever been. Actually, I’m in charge. I’m surrounded by a strong crew. Yes, I’m really happy.

He continued, writing, “I’ve been sad for a long time but right now I’m happy,” in the caption.