“Gotta Move On” hits no.1_ Diddy Celebrates.
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Rapper “Diddy” Celebrates Victory on his new project “Gotta Move On.”  hitting no.1 on billboard’s Adult R&B Airplay chart.

He didn’t actually celebrate this alone, to he rapper called out Bryson Tiller as he reviewed that the project was actually a collaborations between them after stating that he is a big fan of Bryson Tiller.

Following some records, this appears to be his eleventh no.1 project in the history of his career and the first no.1 he is making with his new Love Records imprint.

But the rapper, “Diddy” while celebrating the victory of have his new project at the top in billboard’s Adult R&B Airplay chart, gives more credit to Bryson Tiller as he keeps on saying that it not just him.

According to him a video clip where he sat down to give some details about his “Gotta Move On.” He said, “I was doing this R&B album and I’m a big Bryson Tiller fan and I had called him and I was like, ‘Man I heard this record that you did. Is there a way you would consider letting me use it on my album and dropping it as my first single?”

Diddy stated clearly that everything became a success because Bryson Tiller said yes to his request despite that he always had his project at the top of billboards charts when ever he puts in such energy, but this one in partial was because of Tiller,

“Whenever I do a vulnerable record like that, you know, I usually have the best success, But it couldn’t happen without Bryson Tiller. He’s an amazing artist.” Diddy stated.

Diddy in a statement reviewed his plan while arriving Love Records, according to him, he has come to make the best songs of his life with them.