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The female artist IGGY AZALEA has sold out her music catalog to the Domain Capital and the amount which she sold it really worths it.

She actually sold her “master recordings and publishing catalog” in an Eight Figure deal which has got a lot of attention to her lately.

IGGY AZALEA Who is an independent artist still has a still has control over her Masters and Publishing  of her future music despite handing over 100 percent of her existing catalog,”

The was confirm by the Billboard, meanwhile, she can still earn future revenue on her masters following the fact that she is the owner of her Bad Dreams label.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that she made a good sum of money on the sale of her music catalog, some of her fans are still not cool will it, but she has took out time the in her Twitter handle to explain to them why she took the move.

According to the female singer, ‘Iggy Azalea’ she reviewed that her plan is to invest the money “I have a larger business I want to invest in” she wrote on her tweet.c

According to the Domain Capital, the deal they had with IGGY compiled $700 million worth of investments for a commingle entertainment fund why means that she actually made a lot of money from the deal.

Although some records has it the The female Artist already has plans of retirement which she reviewed on her appearance at the 2021’s The End of an Era project, but it seems it didn’t work out for her then and she she had to come back to the rap game.

She is actually good when it comes to rap but only her know why she want to drop it at the moment.