George Floyd’s Daughter Gianna Thanks Kanye West For her Collage Help

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George Floyd's Daughter Gianna Thanks Kanye West For her Collage Help

Kanye West since his spiritual transformation the rapper has been extra positive. Meanwhile seeing his doings isn’t such new just like he’s helping the family of George.

The death of George Floyd traveled around the world and many spoke about how awfully he was killed.

George Floyd is dead, leaving his wife and children here on Earth but Kanye West on his own ways to assist the family promised to have George Floyd’s Daughter Gianna college responsibilities. 

YE he said he paying Gianna fees has made donation to a 529 college savings fund for Gianna Floyd.

The daughter of the late George Floyd has more than a decade left before college becomes an issue, but thanks to Kanye’s donation, it will be no issue at all. Gianna’s official Instagram page posted a photo expressing her family’s gratitude for the rapper’s gesture, which reads: “Thank You Kanye For Securing My College Education” in block letters. Alongside the photo was the caption, “Thank You Kanye, Because of You I Will have a college Education,” she wrote. “Mommy and I are so thankful for you and your family @kimkardashian #justiceforgeorgefloyd.”

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