Future’s streaming account hacked

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The Atalanta rapper,Future has left his fans devastated since  weekend as he noticed his Spotify account has been tamper with by unknown people.

This weekend, fans were surprised as song was dropped on the rappers Spotify account without proper announcement. The track was dropped by a 15 yrs old German youtuber, Yunus Emre Nalci.

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Fans where confused after they translated the mystical song as the rapper raps about garlic Turkish sucuk sausages, a Turkish yogurt drink ,lap cats and many other things.

Initially, fans thought the German youtuber managed futures Spotify profile but everything went out of Hand when the youtuber opened up about the issue.

“I suddenly got a lot of Instagram messages from friends and strangers with screenshots of Future’s Spotify profile,”he said. He also he was pleased by the attention but it was not hacking.”I’m pleased about the attention, but it was definitely not hacking.”he added.

Spotify has corrected the hole issue by removing Nalci’s details from future’s Account. Nalci is sorry for everything and fans suspected that everything everything happened for a reason.

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