Cardi b brags about album sales as her name was not in fans top 50 list

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The “Money” rapper, Cardi b looks upset after her name didn’t appear on fans Top 50 list of female rappers. Cardi b has 3 number ones on the billboard top hundred and also won a Grammy award this year. Her debut song “bodak yellow” hit no.1 not only that, her debut album also hit no.1 on the billboard top 200 album and is still chatting.

Nicki minaj was back on Joe buddens podcast yesterday for another session of debate after the heated argument on Queen radio show on Monday. Joe burden accused Nicki minaj of using drugs on the last episode of Queen radio show and nicki minaj cut his mic off and joe budden left afterwards.

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During the joe burden podcast, nicki minaj asked fans for the popular “top 50” list and surprisingly, Cardi b didn’t appear in majority of them.

“I would feel so crazy if I have all these number 1s and GRAMMYs but not be on anyone’s top 50 list,” Nicki said to Budden and his co-hosts.

As the debate was still on cardi b shared list of of this year’s top album sales worldwide where her debut LP Invasion of Privacy figures at number 9 with nearly 3 million in total sales.“One year and some change later and my album is still SELLING. Only list I give a f*ck about. Have a beautiful day everybody,” she wrote below.

Fans are wondering if cardi b’s post was a response to Nicki’s statement. We are waiting for Nicki’s response to cardi b’s post.

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