Future announces new album

Future Announces Release New Album

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You are finally reading this post it has been updated. Future new album is now available to stream both on Spotify and Apple Music. Future announces new album, well that will be something that will happen in 2023. The already-announced album and date all out. I Never Liked You is the Future’s most recent album which he released in 2022.

This album featured more hip-hop rappers and also Tems from Nigeria who help the Atlanta rapper’s album debut on Billboard No. 1 at Hot 200.

You can check out Future I Never Liked You on this page or you might want to check out his 2022 songs and features. Future announces new album, well let’s hope to hear that in 2023 because this year is done.

Previous Post as of April 13: Future has been keeping a low profile since this year but the Atlanta rapper is now out to proceed. He has announced new incoming album and fans are more happier with the good news so far.

Future new 2022 unreleased album is titled TBA although we don’t know more about the abbreviation but the rapper is giving us assurance TBA will be dropping this month.

According to Future, TBA will be available on all streaming platforms by April 29th 2022. “date 4.29 title TBA, ” as he noted on Instagram.